Aeon Flux Crawl (Dreams 12/24/05)

We were out of town,
I don't know for how long,
And someone told us
That we could stay at this other
      really cool house
For another night
If we needed a place to stay

You see, the owners of the house
Were out of town
For at least another day,
So it would be okay
If we stayed there

Now, I don't think
We were actually
      allowed to stay there
So we had to keep the lights off
And keep quiet

All I remember is being upstairs,
And everything was open,
Seeing the floor-to-ceiling windows
And seeing people outside
      must have been neighbors
Enjoying the night air
And partying outside

So I was crawling along the hallway floor,
Trying not to be seen,
But I was being sly, crawling
With my hands on the ground,
But keeping the rest of my body in the air
       you know, for ease of movement, I suppose,

But I had to look like I was
Crawling around like Aeon Flux
In that MTV movie
That wasn't true to the cartoon storyline,
Crawling, but not touching the carpet
As if the pieces of carpet
Were like millions of individual
Blades of glass

But all I know is that
I was doing
This levitating Aeon Flux
Crawling thing
To try to see around the house
And not get seen


But I thought people were far enough away,
And we were told we could use the house,
we didn't break in, someone let us in,
And I think I saw a Jacuzzi in the back yard
So I went to tell you,
So we could enjoy the hot water.
But I found you, in the master bedroom bed,
Sound asleep.


Of course, I'm crawling around
Like Aeon Flux,
And you're sleeping.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011 - 14:41

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