Bang Bang On The Coffin Nails

Bang Bang On The Coffin Nails

Rise and fall
gloom to the moon
picture perfect syndrome flavor
seems like just yesterday
when the red lit flame just bit
right into my back
when I'm wondering what God is watching over me
screaming just to endure the choice of destiny
when the answer is in a package from the north, from above
Heaven sent
it's always darkest just before the dawn
make it stop, make this end, I'm on my way down again

So who will rise as the star
oh, I must have forgot
that it was suppose to be me
on my way down again
make it stop, stop the spin
I don't remember being so full of nonsense
I don't want to go on living
in this world that never takes a break from spinning

Think back to the one who has my love and heart
I think of it
like a dagger to the heart
I cant repeat the same mistake
push me over the ledge
make it stop, make it end, I'm lost in a world where I'm not wanted
so I place my bid
then I place my statement of faith
when the dawn is upon us all
oh for the sun depend
oh I'm about to fall
oh I'm about to fall

The cold river washes and splashes me a stray down the lonely river
sunken in shame for the memories that exist
I am filled with failure from beginning to end
give it up
for I know who I am not
make this stop, make this end, this world shows me that I'm in sin
for I have lost who I am
I Don't Want To Go On Living

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Saturday, May 7, 2011 - 07:53

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