Charming Theaters By Ali Thaher AL Naimi

Charming Theaters

Hold on performance and integrated
You just obligated me to cry ….
Perhaps all the attendees have to try
Mercy from the end of the scene….. Killed me
all the scenes that you play come lethal
Today, your dance and your appearance are exciting…
And consistency of performance and Rhythm was Brilliant
My Charming….
your glamorous roles have been amazing
The Lover, who lived in prison barrier, is falling…
Forced to end the story
Heroes had lost … Heroes had lost their farewell

All the roles that I have been doing was a clown
There is great difference between a clown and champion highly singing
Clown remains alone in his conversations
Still sad at the curtain and stays low-status
Only the hero sings in victory
alone only extinguish the love and sees it like ash
Well done, Madam,
Mastered your role with a great creation
Added the splendid and the decoration
in a Moment may trample our flowers spring
Become all your own…. you wear the spring
I spent years loving you
And now I am drinking the flames of treason.
Charming theaters
did not get your self enough with glory
by the overwhelming dancing on a weak body
Who wrote the texts ?, who changed the ends ?
The scenario was ended by wounds and tears
Superseded by treachery and betrayal … and the glory of an alleged
the hoping to become the lover is none …
Does the trick for me in the presentation delivered on treacherously
Where is the tournament if I kill love’s soul !
getting lost in the theaters , burned in Lover
What promised to theaters , never ever Hearer
I was lying shattered compound
I suffer terribly from the sea, drowned
I do not have a championship ,no maps …
I Just Have a Fate to be Lost
Here, where the days we promised
Here, where bridges had been built up
here , Where it has become a sad memories
Ya this skill of the actress
Accept the bow ,accept the encourage
Is no longer a bright dawn
Holding the shining , left the scene of a herd
I no longer have to stay but to leave
from The passion I will go back
Farewell tears of joy as a spectator
Heroine has inspired me
the signature has been giving to believe

Ali Thaher AL Naimi

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Thursday, May 12, 2011 - 03:21

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