I'm there when you call.

I'll be at your doorstep and in your arms

I'm at your feet,

on my knees,

to obey your orders like a child.

You are my desire I need to feed upon

And I am what you want.

You are my dream

And only when I'm with you,

It is reality.

Ill take what you have to offer

For love devours only the hungry.

My body is yours-

I am what you want me to be.

I'm here to live for you.

You can be yourself,

Because I love you for it.

But don't look into my eyes

For they may bring temptation

And temptation will overtake you.

Break down these walls for me,

And leave this pain behind.

Show me-

Give me... what I need

and take this barrier from

my open arms.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011 - 21:53

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Like the wisdom you use in

Like the wisdom you use in this poem, also full of tenderness.

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thank you.

thank you.

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Thanks for sharing.
The poem is intense.
A mix between strength and kindness.
Welcome to Worldartfriends!
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thank you.

thank you.

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