Drown The Halos Smiles Aside

Drown The Halos Smiles Aside

Drown again, broken and dizzy within fear again, finding a way creating such hate
unable to just let this go, left to surrender, left alone, sadness pours upon wish, I choose to live
my ship subsides within the whispers, help me survive the bottom, count these dreams and slam a pill
dragging the view, digging another hole, planets align in the sacred night, wash another sin, the light shall shine
tail in hand, by your command, mission due to test, reason states the claim, I'm all to blame
awakened by freight, the devils cast upon the bright, ignorance spreads, contagious to appeal
oh how the pain burns, slam another pill, another greedy hole, wishing states confused in thought, please let the angels know
screaming the sorrow, the tears shall fall, puddles to cross, such soul to have lost
lift me up, only once more, all that was cost, feeling of loss, face to stage, the remedy unknown
I conquered the future, the past to burn

all I wish is to exist within such happiness or just to live
feeling has fallen, taste forgotten, white as a ghost, as I approach the bottom
eyes shut before the evil that I adore, promise just to go away, I cannot take another day

within the capture I froze in tears, anger thrust the will to decline, meaning hidden beneath my shrine
must I accept such purpose to know, not to pull your halo down, lust in snow, care to share, all that once lived, now is dead, I'm shaking and scared, why must I experience these fears

as I close my eyes just to look at you, I pretend that I'm not really here, ignore the smoke put smiles aside
within the silence of sound I disappear, higher then higher I breath such air

I start to fly away from you, vision torn, memory is gone, I'm now lost within my mind and left forgotten

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011 - 03:51

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