Raped With Words

I knew a woman
who went on a date
with a friend of mine,
and after the date
he talked about how great she was,
he told me how they talked about their future
and what they both wanted
he described the inside of her place,
but after he left messages for her repeatedly,
she never called him back again

saw this woman weeks later
at a Starbuck's
and she said she felt bad she had been avoiding hm
but she never wanted to see him again
because during their date
they never talked about what they wanted
he just talked about what he wanted
like how she wouldn't hold a job
she'd be taking care of the house
the man's the one that makes the money
and he even told her how many
of his children she would bear

she wouldn't let him into her home
(does that mean he was looking through her window?)
and she said that after the date
she showered for hours
because she felt like she had been raped

and you know, hearing her story
it made me realize
that you can rape someone
with words

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011 - 15:24

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