The Sword, The Eagle and The Dragon

Many years passed since I was told
That in the forest there was a princess
Lost. Her blue eyes and her hair made of gold
Would make everyone embrace madness.

Many Times I've eared This legend
Not believing in one single word
Until One day I meet an elder men
That put in my hands an ancient sword,

And told me that I was the Chosen One
To rescue the princess from her prison.
He told me what was needed to be done
In order to save her from the Dragon.

Dragon?! What Dragon?! - I suddenly said
There is no dragon in the old legend!

"The Dragon who keeps away all the man
That tried to rescue the princess. But fear not
-He said- with the sword I've given to you, you can
Kill the beast." - But still I have my own doubts.

Still I Entered in the forest hoping
That The legends were not true
There was where I saw a women staring
To me. "Come, come, I was waiting for you!"

Oh! I see you've already have the sword.
This is the sign that you're the Chosen.
Come kneel as I pray to our old gods
For them to help you in the woods of damn.

There was when the eagle lands on my arm
And when I really felt some alarm.

There I was, then, just a boy and a bird
Entering in the old forest of doom
Always repeating the mystic word
That could take a prince out from the scum.

In my hands there was the cold ancient steel
Of the sword of our country's first king
The one who've swore to stand and never kneel
And died as against tyranny was fighting.

I still remember the princess legend:
By birth she was our crowning Queen to be
But as her father's life reach to the end
A beast have stolen her from her destiny.

But I'm just a simple country boy, no one
Will ever give me the elder king's crown

This forest is more dark that I've thought
And the moon seems to be out from the sky
And fear is a feeling that I Still got
But somehow I know that ain't my time to die.

The Silence is cutted by the wolves’ howls
As I went deeper in the forest
And I see trees that looked like walls
Of a Labyrinth. This was all a test

To see if I was worth to become a King
And by rescuing the princess earn the crown
Me, a simple men, do that strongest thing
That is defeating a magic dragon

Me a boy, born in the middle ages
With nothing more than my weak courage!

And, as the sun started to shine again
I've reached to a place with no trees.
Standing before me was a mountain
And several bodies covered with flies.

As I looked to them, I've saw that they
Were all burned, as if Hell was there.
Suddenly the sky turned to grey
And flames surrounded me from everywhere.

Terrified that could happen to me
The same that happened to the others
I've turned around and then I See
The dragon with a man on his shoulders.

He was covered with the dust of magic
Mounting this creature of the fantastic.

I've walked backyards, and then I fall
From my hands felt the heavy sword.
Quickly, by the dragon, a firewall
Was made by the order of his lord.

I've run into the burned bodies
Trying to find some sort of hideout,
Then The eagle come from the skies
In where she was watching me Like a scout.

She catch the sword and gave it to me.
And them, standing up, I've cutted the fire
And all around me. It burned the trees.
I've fighted and I've fighted and never felt tired

'Cos I've felt the magic deep inside
And If I may die, at least I've tried!

It was an hell of a fight, and the woods
Felt it like I did. They were all burned!
Fire against steel, magic against blood.
Them the boy into the fighter turned!

As the eagle distracted the elder,
I throw to the dragon a stone.
He felt and so the one on his shoulder
And all mighty magic was gone.

I went to the elder and ask him
where did he hide the kidnapped princess.
-"try to find her in the land of the dreams.
Go! Try to find her if you are the blessed!"

And then he disappear up in the sun
Again I felt the breath of the Dragon!

I Hang the sword But It was to heavy.
When finally I hang it over my head
The eagle started to fly into me
as if she wanted me to be dead.

Stubborn about that, I started to pray
And saw the burned woods turning to green
And I Hear a voice who started to say:
-"Oh poor boy, don't you know that is a sin

To kill one of the divine creations?
Look deep in your heart and you'll see the truth!"
And then I had a big revelation:
I saw the dragon as the princess course

So I stood there and before my own eyes
The dragon Screamed as if he's going to die.

But no! The dragon died, but his life
Continue to exist as the princess
Appears from his body. She survives
Morphing from the dragon as a goddess

To My kneel I felt, feeling need to pray
But the princess touched me with her own hands
And with her voice she started to say:
"- oh! brave prince, you came out the land

You've solved the Enigma and now we
can go to my castle and see my parents!"
How could we do that, 'coz dead they must be
Or at least thy must be very ancient!

But everything I Saw on the last days
Made me doubt not that is my Chosen way

As we left the forest we found an horse
And we use him to go to her country.
Arriving there, the gates we've forced
like they were close for eternity.

There was dust and dusk covering everything
Every door we've opened 'till throne room
And never we saw another being.
It seems like the world on the Day of Doom!

Suddenly the eagle land on one chair
And she morphs into the mother queen
And then the sword went up into the air
And turns into the king. In a dream

That's where I was. In The land of magic
Where everyone is more than a mystic.

As I watched the castle reborn again
I Saw the first elder men and women.
They told me that the kingdom was in pain
The king and queen wept, and so every man.

And they both were magics of great wisdom
So they enchanted all in the country
Making of them the Mystic Dream Kingdom
Waiting for the warrior, Cutter of trees

Come, and rescue them all. Many were that
Try it. But all of them fall, by war
With the dragon's fire. They were all rats
And no one survived to tell nothing more.

But you, my prince, you were our saviour
Everyone on the country owes you this favours.

Several years have passed, and we
Still live in the legendary country.
The country grow, is strong in land and sea
No one ever saw the old alchemy

Master. No one remembers the disgrace
That for ages putted the country to sleep.
We all were in such state of grace
That our kingdom was easy to keep.

Yes! I'm the king and the princess, Queen!
And now that I look back in time
I know that reality is so thin
That no one could split love from crime

And that a simple men could be a king
And love and dream could be a magic thing.

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A Espada,a Àguia e o Dragão

I liked the poem. Congratulations. You are very beautiful!

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