Where Confusion Flows Within The Brilliance Of A Single Thought

Where Confusion Flows Within The Brilliance Of A Single Thought

When lost is within the capture of your state of mind
driven to a point where normalcy is drifting past sight
such a soft whisper lingers past where the line is drawn for wounds to heal
eagerness to renew a forgotten feeling, dries upon the holy land, once adored, once so real
as the blood now flows, through scattered cracks upon the will of a dying, yet dreaming heart
all that lies before, all that fell behind, these memories seem to haunt, while kill what's left inside
torn between the honesty beheld, and the urge of addictions that crave a seat in throne
to only give in to self habits, left to never heal, left only to scar, left to my once created end
to think one knows, to think one understands, to place one in my situation without a helping hand
stepping out upon a window sill, where stars glisten above such a lonely, helpless soul
trapped in a trans like gaze, an image of angels now soar, closer then closer
one hand stretched to reach for forgiveness, along with guidance on my path filled with darkness
confusion begins to spill, trickling down the walls that surround the brilliance of a single thought
to trust in what one may say, or what one may truly believe
but to see so much that remains only strange, to answer only in truth
to help, yet feel another's pain, just added as a cup of sugar, into an already full glass
still the questions remains
"will I reach my dream"
"will I ever succeed"
"will this glass overfilling with pain, ever be empty"

Interpretations one must seek
Eyes so small in size, but created to take in such large, and beyond wondrous views

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011 - 03:57

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