The Rain Fall Blinds The Cure

The Rain Fall Blinds The Cure

The rain fall blinds the cure
the disease is an obstacle that stands as a brick wall in the middle of your path
as you can only stand and stare before and only to ponder such a mountain to climb
such a phase of life, lost in confusion, a stand still moment captured in freeze
to the coldness within the feel of the coolest breeze to ever pass astray
with millions of questions that no one is here to even guess or answer with one set reply

To speak out alone, stumbling on my way home
loneliness attaches like a leech to its prey
suffocating each breath I take
with no reply to this situation, only the one single question as to why did this have to happen to me
with only words inspired by what was once felt
only memories remain of the life I had lived
for the love that was gave and the love that was received
could never be matched by anyone else
so I stand still in that moment of thought
I picture both of their faces and I feel love grow galore
the stars spark the sky
like a night lit by candlelight
oh for I forget how to feel a thing, with nothing to catch hold, nothing to care for

Losing what was the most important thing to me and in my life
has followed me by shadows in the night, silent whispers as I pass by
now in search of the dream that was laid out before me at the start
no motivation to push on through
feeling like there is no one by my side to give encouragement
thoughts pass by and I only seem to ponder why
with no answers, left to travel on alone
lost in the dark, with no torch to spark

I think of that night when you asked me if I would move away with you
get away from it all and begin to find ourselves together and become complete as one
yet for that I wish I would have agreed to have left
instead I wasted time by losing my mind
in the absence of light, my mind glows blue with no sense of sight, nor sound to acquire

Wishes and prayers spoken to the Lord
in search of a way out of this misery
if she chooses not to stay
then my mouth will be dry
with bloodshot eyes
shedding layers
shedding lonesome tears
for all that I believe in, the faith that I had kept, to the promise of improving myself to be better for her
kept as I promised, yet you still have yet to say you are coming back

I have dreamed of fame
I have dreamed of living the
American Dream

Dreams then set loose by pills that keep me somewhat sane
the cost of self appreciation, the cost to better oneself
I have sacrificed all that I once had just to return to my home
just frozen in the feeling of only wanting to be left alone
with fading tears from yesterday
the pedal falls to the dusty floor
a tear drops into the middle and runs down the vein of the rose
like a knife cutting slowly right down the middle of my only hope
the one thing you cannot replace
my own wounded and forgiving heart
inspiring and trying to search for a new home
a new set place
to do nothing but just drift away in the silence of lonesomeness

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