Now You're Nothing To Me

love is like tap water
free flowing
remember when you were little,
just put a glass under the faucet
quench your thirst

wait a minute,
it's not like that
water isn't free
you even have to pay
for the water in your own home
it's not even clean

what you're getting is dirty
and you still have to pay for it


you know, they say us humans
are like seventy-five percent water

and when I think of you
and all the time we were together

well, if you're seventy-five percent water
I have to remember
that it wasn't pure and clean and clear
and if this is love, and this was you
it wasn't free
I'm still paying for it


when I now think of you
the fact that you made me feel like nothing
and when I think of what you now mean to me
when I think of what you're made of
I have to remember

we're all made of atoms
protons and neutrons wound tightly together in the nucleus
apparently infinitely small
at a comparatively vast distance
by occasional tiny electrons
spinning around
keeping their distance
almost like fluff

in a way,
you're like that electron, you know
Spinning around
but keeping your distance

but when I think of you
I have to remember
that you're made of those atoms
with really tiny cores
and those atoms are so filled with space
that you're mostly made of nothing

when I think of you
this is what I have to remind myself

when I think of the nothingness you made me feel
and the fact that you now mean nothing to me
this is how I have to think of you

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