Waiting for a Sign

I have been waiting

Sitting in suburban subdivisions
Like shared cemeteries
Waiting for a sign

Is that your voice
resonating through the air
Or is that just your heat
I can see those waving lines of heat
like the burning rays of the sun
Sine, cosine
Up and down,
Back and forth
Arcing, curling
I can see those waves
Like heat waves from the sun
Burn though me

Is this what you do to me?
I second-guess myself
While I wait


I drive down the road
See old jalopy cars
Rusted dinosaurs on the roadside
I see huge pick-up trucks
With added exhaust pipes
Sticking out of the top of their cab
I try not to think of these men
With tractor trailer fetishes

And every time we pass a cemetery
In some foreign town
I think of a real estate agent
Trying to sell you a home
You're in some foreign town
But look around this beautiful town
See all the town's amenities
But every time we pass a cemetery
I think,
Here is where we bury our dead


So now I stand here
We spin on our axis over a thousand miles an hour
We revolve around the sun
Sixty-seven thousand miles an hour
Our planet is spiraling through space
At six hundred thousand miles an hour
Everything is spinning around me
And I stand here
Observing the world
Feeling like I know less and less about more and more

My head is spinning
And I'm waiting

Though I don't know what I'm waiting for

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