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Lost in the magical forest

The night was resting in the forest, where late sounds rouse memories of the golden autumn in the dreams of an enchanted fairy. Her long red hair reflected strings of moonlight, which went down through the window and penetrated her heart that was locked to Human contact.
During the day she liked to swing with the sounds of the wind. She delighted herself with the leaves quivering in the breeze and falling into the water. At nightfall she started her work taking her golden light to all secret places of the forest and every time someone got lost, she took her light of hope to help them to find their way again. But now everything was different. In spite of being dark, the fairy was sleeping in a bed of warm scented petals.
She was dreaming about the Nature and its golden brightness, which illuminated two mouths wishing to drink from each other, satiating the pleasures of skin. Both were feeling the earnest desire replacing the words with secret melodies of colorful gestures. It was time of eternal sensuality. The hand of the Human touched the fairy’s long hair with much softness as he could, while his lips were kissing her neck. The fairy’s enchanted body received all his gestures trusting all the secrets of her dimension to him.
When the time of saying goodbye arrived, the Human didn´t leave any promises of new magical dances. He only left her an immense silence, which opened a deep well of emptiness inside her.
From that day she didn’t find the strength to light the dark paths of the forest anymore.

December 21st
As you know, today is the winter solstice, the longest night of the year, which could be our night, the purity of light would be stronger than all the evil in the world, it would be the perfect time to choose the Truth and you didn’t want it.
I used to help the lost, now I’m exhaust of trying to find myself.

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domingo, março 9, 2008 - 22:06

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Re: Lost in the magical forest

Texto bem escrito, boa interpretação das coisas!


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