Book Openings

Why does the author have to organize their own book opening?

We publish books all around the world. Fortunatly, we have more than a dozen activities every week related directly or indirectly with our books.
We can not be present everywhere.
It would be a great pleasure to be at each opening, but it not physically possible.

How can I organize my book opening?

A book opening can be done both formal or informal and almost anywhere. One must be creative and choose a place that you feel confortable at – whether it be at a cultural bar, a library, city hall, ect. Contact the person in charge of cultural activity of your location choice to settle the event details.
As for the event itself, prepare a small speech for your guests thanking their presence and tell them a bit about yourself and your new book. Why not have a few texts recited or combine some music and theater – the sky is the limit as to how you present your book; and remember your book has alot to gain as to how creatively you present it.
The success of an event dependents on many factors. We suggest the location be in your hometown or close by. It is important that the launch site is near the residence of the author. Ask for help from your friends and family to spread the word of your new book,  but try to involve local people from your public library and city hall. The word of mouth has always been the best publicity.
We do not print invitations or any kind of publicity for your book opening. Normally that is the responsability of the location of the event.
We also do not allow the first book opening happen in bookstores. This is due to the high percentages of sales from 30% to 40% that bookstores demand and is unaffordable for us. Bookstores can always be contacted for a second presentation of your book. You will have to speak to the bookstore’s manager and have them contact us.