What is Worldartfriends?

Worldartfriends is a free online community where everyone can share and be shared.

Our community is dedicated to the arts: Poetry, Video, Music, Photography and many others.
We also have a community chat, email, forum and many other areas of interest.
Known and new authors here have the opportunity to be read, seen, and heard by thousands of daily visitors.
We are also a publisher of both poetry and music.
This site was created in March 2008 and publisher in May of the same year.
Everyone can join and participate in our site whether you are our author, an artist or not; On the contrary: we encourage all who enjoy art to be part of our community.


What is The Ministry of Poetry?

The Ministry of Poetry is a poetic movement which main goal is to return Poetry to the streets, bringing poetry to the people.
It is a "microphone" to all who have talent. To all those who, in our opinion, have the quality to be published by Worldartfriends.
The Ministry of Poetry is the initiative that has the most books published in Portugal by new authors.
We proudly published 50 works of art in 2008 and about 100 in 2009.