What will be the distribution of my book?

The book will be sold in the traditional format (hardcover) and on our sites both in hardcover and ebook (reaching the entire world):

www.worldartfriends.com (online book store).

Your book can also be bought at our book store located in downtown Oporto (Portugal).

Our publisher is also present in Portugal’s 2nd largest book fair in Oporto (May/June) and we plan on also being present in Lisbon in the near future.

It will also be possible to order the book in any FNAC Portugal. We are their suppliers and all anyone has to do is order your book in their stores. (This only takes few minutes to do). We are, however, dependent on the goodwill of our clients and those who work at the book stores. The publisher is not responsible for the lack of stock there at the time of purchase.
We must draw attention to the following: Poetry is hardly a phenomenon of sales. We promise an excellent book and to make it available (via FNAC site) to anyone anywhere in the world. Your book published will be certainly a special day of your life. But all those who seeks in poetry fame and fortune, we warn you now: the truth is it is extremely difficult to reach.

Regarding the ebook format: We will sell your same book in electronic format (ebook) in our online store:


From there anyone can buy your book, for example, in Japan, at 4 AM.

Although the physical book is irreplaceable, 2 things will happen from now on that are extremely positive:

- The book will now available 24 hours a day worldwide.
- The price, in ebook format, will only be € 2.99 per book.

We are studying the possibility to be present in other bookstores around the world.


Is it possible to have a wider distribution, a larger number of books published and reach a bigger number of readers? Can I aspire to "greater lengths" at your publisher?

Yes. We have a new book label called Egoiste. This publisher does not publish first author editions. Every year 6 books published in Worldartfriends will be selected and published by Egoiste. This selection will depend on several factors: the quality of literary work, the literary type, previous sales, the publisher and the author itself  (commitment and other factors of human nature). This is our way of doing a good job and although it may seem like a small number of books chosen, we prefer to dedicate all our efforts slowly but surely.

The chosen books will be present in all FNAC stores and will be sold to public and private libraries throughout Portugal.