Daydreaming In Art #10



His eyes reddened, tears began
To fall from his eyes, the rage
turned to grief, her curves
were not yet ready, her bossom
not perfected, nipples were
going to be thick, darkest pink and erect.

She needed more work,
more details to bring out
her natural beauty, he had
forgotten that her lips were
going to be fuller and there
would be a beauty mark on
the right side of her bottom
lip and a dimple on the other end.

Oscar wanted to give her another
chance, he picked up the painting,
he told her he was sorry, to forgive
his moment of madness, and placed
it above on the fireplace shelf.

He walked over towards the easel,
picked it up and placed in near
the hanging lights, while turning
to Jenna, with a soft voice he
said, tomorrow we will have a
new beginning, wiping his tears
with a painters rag.

Colors on Jenna’s body mixed
with others, taking away the
beauty of her features, distorting
her looks, almost as if she were
crying painted oil tears from the
pain inflicted on her torso.

Vanessa Ramos

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Sunday, August 14, 2011 - 16:33

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