Keep it Together

I'm in this deep and dark place

And I can't see straight

And its so damn cold

That it's hard to breathe.


Half my life is running

Around in my head

And I can't get out

Of this dark underground.


I try to pretend that nothing is wrong

Keep my head up high and my body strong

But I can't see straight

And I'm falling down.


But I never stopped loving you

When you thought that I did

And I tried to make everything 'bout us

Even when it wasn't.


I was stuck in an emotional hell

And couldn't break free

When all along

It was just you and me.


And now she won't let go

'Cause you're all she's got

And I'm home with our kids

Trying not to let it out

And I try so hard to keep it together.


And I'm in this place

Where I can't break free

Where everyone's running in circles 'round me

And everyone just waits and let's it

happen in front of me

Because they don't know what else to do...


And somewhere in my heart

I always knew it was meant to be.

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011 - 13:41

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