WAF Anthology. Submit your entry here!

Starting today and until February 13 2011.

WAF Anthology. Submit your entry here.


-Each Poet can only submit 1 poem.

-The poem must be an original.

-Each author must upload the submitted poem on our website.

-To enter the author must reply to this post and place the poem link here.

-The publishing rights will still belong to the author and its usage will still remain public to other publications.

-There will be no addictional cost to enter the anthology.

-The publisher will not pay any royalties to the participating authors from the earning of the anthology.

-There will be no free copies of the anthology to participating authors.

-The final price for each book copy will be between 16$-20$.
-The final price for each ebook copy will be 2,99$.

-The anthology will have a total of 100 poems. There will be no specific criteria on selection. This is due to the idea of this anthology being a kind of time capsule to represent our online community.

-The anthology will be published this March 2011. We will inform all the authors included.

-By submitting your entry you agree to the terms and conditions presented above.



Seyed Morteza Hamidzadeh's picture

(( Excommunication ))

Everyone would have abandoned you,
but an executed Angel in your heart,
who sent out the resurrection of her brain
to the slaughtering field of the Trumpeters,
and the duel-declaration of two eyes,
with the edge of your breathing
which challenged the world of your ears.

Oh, philosophical nightmares of mine!
My lips lack the ability to move.

I wish for setting myself ablaze,
as do the meteors entering the atmosphere.

O' religions of the world,
enunciate the decree of my excommunication
and allow the shepherds breathe with ease

" Poet: Seyed Morteza Hamidzadeh "

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WAF Anthology.

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