Mom made a doll

Mom went to the kitchen
I knew there would be magic
-Ah, it still amuses me
With her hands full of clay
There it is. Another doll
Even more beautiful than the other
As always
In her workshop between the wires
She is a happy bunny dancing in the bush
Having fun in the haystack and smoke
Curled in baskets of all kinds
She smiles with her bangs in her eyes

Mom went out
Excited, always brings new ideas
Inspired by owls and starts
She comes back from the park
Makeup of plants and leaves
With paper, glue and a broken heart
Fits another frame with a basket
And some stuffing
One arm falls, a twisted neck in the morning
Another night to be missed
Another clay to be done

Mom went to a dream
And from there registers different recipes
I am her amazed son
And I watch her work being created

Mom makes medicine
That keeps me happy all day
And it also heals her soul
It already has the perfect texture of rough skin
That she wanted for the object
Now she prepares the color to paint it

Mom made a doll
For her son’s heart
So delicate, she celebrates, proud and satisfied
Brings the whole party to my chest
Then she goes away… On the balcony, forever
Resting there is the doll from the recipe
Like a muse over my dreams
Like mom going back to the kitchen
Like fairies and witches looking after their children
Whispering at the right times
Warning them for traps

Mom made a doll
And sewed the whole family’s soul
That helps me with instinct and affection
That guides me forever in my path
To be a man full of tenderness
Going through the adventures in life
Thank you forever “madrecita”

I’m also like Pinocchio
When alive runs away from his Gepetto

One day I’ll be back
One day I’ll be back
I don’t think we ever went

(Poem written without correction of words. Just like that. The same way my mom makes her dolls. Poem made to my moms hands that will take care of me forever.)

Thank you “madrecita” Linda!

Marcelo Campello

Tradução: Alice Campello

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Saturday, April 9, 2011 - 23:18

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