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1,908 Walt Whitman - The Base of All Metaphysics Walt Whitman
1,900 Show me the love Atenéia
1,899 Looking Down At Me vanesitapoet
1,897 Walt Whitman - A Hand-Mirror Walt Whitman
1,894 Tu clamor in me-Spanglish poem series vanesitapoet
1,894 Walt Whitman Poems : A Song for Occupations Walt Whitman
1,892 Gleanings of interior Man Fahredin
1,889 David, leaning on a window ccandd96
1,888 You'll always remember me Atenéia
1,886 Catullus Biography Catullus
1,886 Walt Whitman - Osceola Walt Whitman
1,885 North Star vanesitapoet
1,883 Walt Whitman Poems : Spirit Whose Work Is Done [Washington City, 1865] Walt Whitman
1,878 Don't hide your tears Atenéia
1,877 a Sea Lion on the Galapagos Islands (at Bachas Beach, at Baltra Island 12/24/07) ccandd96
1,876 Don't force me Atenéia
1,876 Pills ccandd96
1,875 a Confucius Temple building ccandd96
1,874 My Attempted Death ccandd96
1,874 Window-Pain-17. ski
1,870 Walt Whitman Poems : Recorders Ages Hence Walt Whitman
1,865 William Blake Aforismos : A gratidão ... William Blake
1,865 Feeling blue Atenéia
1,863 Walt Whitman - As Toilsome I Wander'd Virginia's Woods Walt Whitman
1,861 Untitled. ski
1,861 Hitting Home poetpete
1,859 a "postcard corner" of the hood and front of a red MG Anniversary Edition convertible ccandd96
1,858 Dyslexic Musician. ski
1,854 Nobody waits for us Atenéia
1,851 Walt Whitman - Of Him I Love Day and Night Walt Whitman
1,851 The graves Atenéia
1,850 Flags on display in Kankakee IL 06/25/06 ccandd96
1,847 Walt Whitman - Bivouac on a Mountain Side Walt Whitman
1,844 Walt Whitman - In Paths Untrodden Walt Whitman
1,843 Walt Whitman Poems : Trickle Drops Walt Whitman
1,839 Walt Whitman - Death of General Grant Walt Whitman
1,836 "God, Bless America vanesitapoet
1,834 Great Frigate bird in flight ccandd96
1,834 I Smile vanesitapoet
1,831 Joel in the Grass ccandd96
1,829 Novalis Aforismos : Nós acordamos quando sonhamos que ... Novalis
1,828 Napoleão Bonaparte Biografia Napoleão Bonaparte
1,827 Situação extrema Atenéia
1,827 Villain Lady-mini series vanesitapoet
1,824 Creer Y Crellendo-Believe and Believing vanesitapoet
1,816 Aim Carefully ccandd96
1,815 Faith Comes Only ccandd96
1,814 Modern Bruxelles high rise ccandd96