Taking A Stand With A Promise To All Of My Fans

Taking A Stand With A Promise To All Of My Fans

I have a problem with admitting to my own faults
another fault leads to another moment of watching you both turn your backs
take a short stroll back across the street
not even a kiss this time, ok I think I get the point
it must be over and mean while I'm still lost in a daze showing no emotion
pain strikes every nerve with a spike
like a bolt of lightning, that equals one hell of a feeling

While the number grows into and over the thousands of people who look up to me
admire who I am with no doubt of plea
to those who try to walk in the footprints that I set out to follow
to those who adore the dreams that I attend to reach
with the one hundred and ten percent of the pure passion for the words I speak
sent in glimpses of metaphors to unravel as if it were a puzzle to solve
with only the intention to heal the wounded and for self realization
with coming to terms that one can agree on
with the truth set before with action to pass upon

To all who give love and are behind to support me
they all know and understand the pain I feel
such a pain that is as real as only the deepest of pains can truly feel
will all forever remember me as the for now
King of Poetry

With over one thousand works to read and to respect
the feelings and meanings and the effort put forth to make a historical play of words
the living emotions that hide within the phrases written, with a very debatable hidden meaning
for one from time to time reflect back on and for one to learn from

One day I will succeed in reaching my destiny
all that I ask is that you don't shed a tear for me
even if I didn't wake up tomorrow
just know that leaving you with over one thousand and being published
is all that I needed to feel up and for once again truly smile
so please remember me for the life I had lived and the changes I had made
remember all the lives that I had touched and the love I gave and when I gave
if this poem touched your heart
then just know I'm with you right now within these words
also please forever remember the mountains that I had have to climb just to get by
to the deepest depths of the ocean seas that were literally drowning me

I remember all of the political writes with hope it had the energy to start a revolution
spreading the strength and belief with the will to all take a stance
stand before the corruption that bleeds down the congress crooked walls
then come to the terms that voting doesn't matter
the president truly is undeniably just a puppet with strings attached
with a voice to only speak in complete incompetence

So just know to all who have supported me
remember the love I chose to give to all who accepted or not
until there was nothing left in my cup
though it seemed to be an endless supply
never seen before, never heard of, thought to possibly not even exist
thought that in that amount one would be in overload mode
ready to explode at any moment, like a bursting star
yet no matter what stood before
I would always overcome and climb over the top and not allow anyone to stop me upon my destiny
with my head spinning with millions of thoughts
a heart that endured the worst of breaks
twined together with a perfect circle of smoke to inhale
then exhale
while I just hold my ground
while putting my life back together to come back for the fans that truly believe in me

sitting, waiting, wishing
for the one I love to believe in me and my passion to stride for the highest level of success that one could ever reach
with that said you know where I stand, on this side of the line with your hand in mine

With only a few questions at this moment
"In the end will I be satisfied with my life?"
"In the end will I have reached at least one star dangling above ahead upon the tree of dreams?"
"Will the one I love with all of my heart return, or must I go on living in memories left only to be in misery?"

Oh just the thought of that sends a never ending shivers of pain
within my collapsed veins
So to say it does not drive me crazy to be denied or left in the dark, left behind in the life of the two girls that I love more and more with every next view
let's just hope that in time the reason or feelings that are felt
are one day truly shown with hands interlocked, two lips meant to meet, a fire meant to be sparked
living a life that one could only dream upon
with the new
King of Poetry
to be crowned

Knowing that if I had to go toe to toe against another writer attempting to retire me
well let's just say that for all who know me and my intensions
I would take anyone on who is trying to take my place
with the gift from God to overcome
people truly believe that one day I will be crowned
so I am in the action to replace myself upon my feet and to take a stand
to make a promise to never let my fans down again
so if I ever didn't satisfy your needs in a certain work of art
I truly apologize for my own mistake
I'm standing up to these demons and I'm going to take control over the hand I was dealt
as if I already know what the dealer has, like I'm counting cards, frowned upon, yet the flow of money is very enjoyable

So going crazy is expected when I'm in the attempt to change for the better
for the better for the both of you
whether you return or not is in your hands
yet I would love to walk together through this storm
create a new path for others to follow
one followed by all who completed and became
An American Dream

When my words have the power to make you cry then dry your eyes in the same line
that which you are reading are the words from a pure genius at the best of his play on words
knowing that can never be taken from me should be enough to get me through
but when my love is tangled in each of the lives I have touched
I must say if you don't know who I am, it's a pleasure to meet you
"air handshake"
welcome to my world and please join the rest that follow along upon my journey to take the stand and become the man who will be remembered truly forever, the man I was born to be, meant to change a part of this world, meant to make a whole new vision on today's movement onward

I know I have to end this now
so here are the final words that I feel need to be read
"With the support I have and much more hoped to earn. I promise a brighter future to those wounded or lost in darkness and or confusion. Read and feel my words, let my Faith bring you to life and allow you to stand once again and gain the strength needed to take the first step on a whole new journey. Following the footprints of time, leading right to the door into the pursuit of happiness, yet this time with determination and a voice to take the mountain on, no matter the height, I promise you will truly smile once again and feel happiness if you just simply follow me and the words already and in the future to be spoken."


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