S.O.S To Loneliness

S.O.S To Loneliness

Waiting here for something I know I will never see
when I know I asked for something I will never reach
so I send this S.O.S. ashore with my back turned to loneliness

So I know that I see this as its only for me and I guess that is it, oh yes or a no nor goodbye
sometimes the worst is letting someone free
but I had three whole years to sit on it and get it up and ready to go

So I send this S.O.S to another land
for the off chance it will be read and felt inside the mind
emotions exploding in their hearts
when it was over three years to get it and get it to go
so just let it go
believe in me

I must not have something that makes me a man
so S.O.S to loneliness
forgetting coincidence
doest persist
yet without permission granted
it truly might not exist

Now you might be thinking what did that mean
be ashore, to the most absurd
waiting in line
screaming it is not my time
but believe me
just let it go
when I have a place in mind
when I have somewhere to be
get it and get it ready to be upon the shore
guidelines to reefs, with many treasures to seek

Sometimes the worst is letting someone free
has anybody seen my love
so I wait in line knowing it will never be my time
so let it go
just let it go
then I release
I feel the despair in the air
oh the hurt and the sting in me
not believing that this could have been for me
so I know I should say something, but I will wait on that
shut my mouth and just let it float by
stray into the distance
new lands to explore
new worlds to impose
but truly believe me it might truly not exist
but they are just words on a page
waiting to be read
asking for things I could never reach
just waiting in line
sitting, waiting, wishing
for something that will never happen for me

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Friday, May 6, 2011 - 18:10

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