There Is No More Beauty In This World

There Is No More Beauty In This World

Just one more and ill walk away, dreams fade, so cunning, yet fearsome
the beauty behind thought, want to give up, sadness now rains upon the emotion to suffer
everything is gone, all is lost, broken seals lie stranded amongst the forgotten field
all that's remembered stains the velvet lit sky
images flash as all wisdom leaves in sorrow, blood lit fumes begin to flow through veins
the spiral of consciousness to the beam of hells sun, forward this letter I have gone insane
the desire for pain reaches out in denial, one cannot have felt such way
fallen angels now scream their song, floating onward pass the gates of sound
where all there is to hear is all that was buried, all in shame, all who forgot their own name
try and try to release this feeling, in attempt to grasp hand in the will and courage
all seems decayed and rotten as the mountain top is too high for sight
in the wonder that crawls within mind, will I ever acknowledge time
each second that pass feels like a waste of breath, each tear that falls holds the truth to follow
forgetting how to move, with a mouth so dry, no will to care, heart with no desire
so glad to remember, facing the blindness that unfolds, truth become secret to a dream that one beholds
to believe this time will last forever, moment to forget, as the space between shadows
holding on to the last of addiction, pictures of trickery that predict an end, callous yet wondrous yet one must pretend
pictures capture memory as I grew into love, so young yet full of beauty, I began to trust
the pain of one to leave, set to all who grieve, the feel of one to lose, only love is yours to choose
I have strangely became immune to thought of seeing her, days began to pass, and now there is nothing left
now I am left weakened and confused, broken and bruised
there is no more beauty, there is no more love, there is no more thought, there is no more you

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011 - 03:47

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