I Now Rest At The End Of All Reason

I Now Rest At The End Of All Reason

A mesmerized look damaged the eye, witness to fall, yet still the birds call
facing all tremor, forgetful yet proud, captured disguise yet still successful
the clatter of bricks put halt to speech, darkness fell to overcome who may teach
as the taste of spice slowed ones stride, as the truth wrapped around the telephone wire
all in search of grace, must speak their mind, behold all wisdom, knowledge to shrine
confused to the thought one bids a goodbye, to the father with light, he claimed of deceit, while treading his feet
the tension then grew, as greed took its toll, all that was taught, now lies as forgetful
dropping of knees now circled a path, shouting complaints, demanding all peace
preferring one type over all that is favored, the one who looks up to all that is sacred
his voice began to enter through all opened ears, with beauty he described all of life's endeavors
with truth behind meaning, love with care, he cries of his passion, tears to share
the rain then washed all that creates sin, drowning the evil, the Christ within
the son of all hell now risen from the grave, shouting in fear, laid to rest upon care
halos now soar over all prayer, where the ending must end and the story begins
intention now stands too far to mention, where the secret is buried before all who believe
sharing all truth, preaching of tales, where the heavens shine light, appealing in eye, beauty through sight
grape to vine now carries the message, death due to season, I now rest within gold, at the end of all reason

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011 - 03:39

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