Goldwasser (incomplete)

Let me tell you a story I knew
‘bout an ancient king, gold and a drink.
This is a story that’s known by few.

Once upon a time (what do you think?
This is how those old stories began!
I don’t know why I spend my pen’s ink)

That time the ruler of Ocean
Had a statue build on a fountain
And that fountain had too many fans.

I don’t know if it was sun or rain
At the time, but the king was tired
Of an habit that folks maintain.

Still today: for every wish shared
A gold coin is thrown to the water
And for every coin a tear is cryed.

So the old king become bitter
And rised the tident over his head.
I guess the voice was not softer

As he screamed. The face was blood red,
The eyes… whoa, the eyes had lightings
Flashing all around. What did he said?

“In my time I saw come and go kings,
Saw countryman passing to the fields.
I saw frogs, donkies and other beings.

I saw knights with their spears and shield,
I saw old folks with their own worries,
I saw everyone with their own wields.

All of them ask for dreams and glories,
All of them throwing a coin of gold,
Asking for help from the king of seas.

I’m tired of the stories they told?”
With the trident the water he hit.
All the coins from the new to the old

Were crashed (oh! If I had a seat
And if I could be on the front row
And see water and metal meet!

Yes it would be a marvelous show…)
When Neptune finally calmed down

So everyone gathered around
Look to the water in the fountain
And in the water, what did they found?

Peaces of gold floating insane
In the water. Every bar’s owner
Gathered everything that could contain


March 2011

(this poem is still incomplete. There is a line missing, some pontuation issues to solve, and the end of it.Goldwasser is a traditional drink in Gdanks, Poland.)

(Este poema está incompleto. Falta um verso, tem alguns problemas de pontuação para resolver e falta o fim. Goldwasser é uma bebida tradicional de Gdansk, Polónia)

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Thursday, April 14, 2011 - 13:21

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